Mortgage Services

We empower our clients by providing high-end results that leads our business partners to achieve their targets. Our highly skilled workforce currently working on multiple verticals in Banking and Financial services, we strongly believe in data integrity and complete transparency of our client data in every aspect of data security.

We currently have service offerings on both reverse mortgage and forward mortgage from start to end in a complete loan cycle.

Loan Origination

Deep thorough review of documents as per checklist given by our client and vendors to optimize the loan cycle process as per their guidelines.


Cash inflow analysis to ensure credit worthiness of prospective borrowers and weigh their competencies on mortgage pillars to prevent any obligations in future.

Loan closing/Post closing

Validate data at each level to prevent any discrepancies. Proper identification and mitigation of policy exceptions

Transparency and Alacrity

Our clients look forward to engaging our services because we promise complete transparency in Document handling keeping your data safe, secure and intact. We do not download your files and review them making the process completely safe. You can entirely rely on us for your data safety. It has helped us enjoy unprecedented results in file alacrity and staff productivity.

Loan Review Practice

With time, regulatory authorities have taken a few proactive steps to control mounting costs. They have curbed the frequency, scope, and depth of their examinations, white at the same time, they are focusing more on the need for lenders, banks, insurance companies and investors making optimal use of a detailed risk management program.

Fulfillment Practice

Virtusoft Inc has on-shore and off-shore production centers across the globe providing our clients with location option for loan processing and back-end solutions to attain every possible phase of loan production, closing and serving. We provide world class performance on clients CTQ (Client to quality measure) after adopting business improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma, Lean and Kaizen.


IT Consulting


Professional Staffing




Support and Maintenance


Out Sourcing