Business Strategies - MicroStrategy

In the last decade MicroStrategy has evolved as a leader in providing products to implement Business Intelligence solutions. MicroStrategy products can be used to build intuitive web based applications that help organizations create and maintain a competitive advantage over the competition.

Implementation of successful MicroStrategy solutions requires excellent product, data warehousing, web, and business skills. To provide these broad skills sets Virtusoft created a dedicated MicroStrategy practice area. The goal of this team is to support clients in the implementation of MicroStrategy solutions in an efficient and effective fashion. The following qualifications make Virtusoft a wise choice for MicroStrategy solution implementations:


The most important ingredient for successful implementation of a MicroStrategy solution is the experience of the people involved. Virtusoft staff has years of hands-on experience in the implementation of successful MicroStrategy solutions. Virtusoft staff is experienced with all the modules of MicroStrategy Business Intelligence products including: Web, Intelligence Server, Agent, Architect, Administrator, and Narrowcast Server. In addition, our consultants are trained and certified on MicroStrategy software.


Virtusoft has a dedicated group of consultants whose primary focus is providing MicroStrategy consulting services. This level of commitment provides quality resources for the client.


Virtusoft takes a solution-oriented approach towards your project objectives and business goals. This approach is used to identify the critical success factors for the project. During the course of the project Virtusoft is focused on these critical success factors. This approach not only increases the success of the project but also provides the highest return on investment.

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