Software development is a highly technical job. In-house development will require plenty of time, qualified work force as well as expensive software and equipment. Offshore development is a cost-effective alternative to in-house software development. Locating development centers in multiple places around the globe enables companies to leverage a 24/7-development cycle. Globalization of development also helps to diversify the talent pool and mitigate the risks associated with reliance on a single talent market.


Our well-established Onsite/Offshore Virtual Delivery Model and our global presence facilitate the maintenance of long-term working relationship with the clients. Outsourcing with Virtusoft enables companies to benefit from Virtusoft's quality practices and best of breed, One Stop Solutions.

Our service delivery model proposes that only a minimum number of Virtusoft team members work onsite while the majority of the project team will operate from our state-of-the-art Offshore Development Center (ODC), giving obvious cost benefits to customers.

Many customers feel more secure when they have an onsite team with whom their requirements can be discussed and project plans established. Our onsite team serves as a front end and maintains proximity with customers while the bulk of the work happens offshore. Depending upon the specific set of services involved and scale of the project, we will put in place a combination of onsite and offshore technical resources that will become a virtual extension of our customer's team.

Application Management

Application Management is a very challenging responsibility for a service provider. Following system development and implementation, Application Management ensures the continued functioning of the system at full efficiency.

Using our Application Management services, clients are relieved from the intricacies of day-to-day IT operations and system efficiency, thus enabling them to concentrate on their core business activities. We have documented and Quality Assured processes for various tasks involved in Application Management. We always make sure of the availability of resources for any emergency in systems operations. Our Application Management services include:

Business Process Outsourcing

Virtusoft gives 'businesses going BPO' the very best in bringing cost efficiency, quality processes of the highest maturity levels, round-the-clock operations, matchless infrastructure and best-of-breed people, by taking their non-critical areas of operation to India.

Virtusoft provides a range of BPO services, which include Finance & Accounting, Human Resource Management, Customer Contact Support Services & Helpdesk Solutions.

Virtusoft has developed industry specific process expertise in Insurance, (claims processing, loan processing, premium accounting), Telecom (generating and maintaining billing information system), Banking & Financial Services (credit card processing and shareholder services) & Healthcare Services.

Virtusoft operates the BPO operations from the state-of-the-art technology facility in India. Staffed with highly skilled people - recruited, trained and retained in accordance with global people practices - Virtusoft is backed by the domain expertise of our proven vertical business units.

We offer BPO services for the following functions:

Virtusoft's Domain Specific Services:

IT Consulting


Professional Staffing




Support and Maintenance


Out Sourcing